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Today is the 10th day so I'm still not too late for this post :) My nightmare of the semester has started ever since the short CNY holiday ended. Rushing for deadlines (next week) and have to study for mid-terms that would be 2 weeks from now. Thus, this explains the super late post on CNY but late better than nothing. Hahaha.

CNY this year is just like what I had in the past few years. Nothing much has changed. Reunion dinner, same house-visiting routine, getting angbaos, eating goodies, photo-taking and not to miss, gambling. The only thing that has changed for me this year is I'm much closer to my paternal baby cousins. I only meet them like once a year during CNY and therefore, they are generally not close to me except for one of the girls. But after this year, they are no longer that shy and would not hide behind their parents whenever they see me or my brothers. Hahaha.

Remember in my previous post, I said I would reveal what was the theme I set for myself for CNY 2013? :) Well, I shall reveal it now. This year, I decided to go for a...


Yes, that means hair styling and I started experimenting on different hair styles 2 weeks before CNY. I'm never that good with hair styling especially plaits and I never tie plaits for at least 10 years? Very long, I know. But oh well, I decided to give myself some challenge this year and there it is.


I went over to my relatives on my paternal side and this was my OOTD: VauntCloset's Elena Laced Dress in Pink
Got the cheongsum feel right??? :D

My aunt loved this dress and was asking me where to get it. Too bad, it was already sold out on VC's website, else I would recommend her to go there and get it. Anyway, Clarice (owner of VC) wore the same dress as me on the first day. What a coincidental! 

This is what I did to my hair:

The plaits were not super define and it kinda came loose after the first round of visiting :( The concept is to tie 2 plaits, each starting from the portion near your forehead till you reach the center of the back of your head. Then criss-cross both plaits and pin them with as many bobby pins as you like.

Second stop, I went over to my aunt's house and that is where I would meet my baby cousins every year. While waiting for them, I saw this cute panda chocolate sweet. Cute right!

A photo with my mummy. It was her birthday that day! Too bad, I can't get any cake on the actual day but she got a dinner treat from my brother on the second day which was her lunar birthday as well. 

Then my adorable baby cousins... 

Pretty girls and handsome boy. They are not afraid of me anymore and were even playing around with me haha. Hopefully it stays the same for next year :) I still have another pair of twin baby cousins. Didn't manage to get photos of them as babies are generally more shy. Next year must snap pictures of them.

Then, a family photo from my paternal side to end CNY day 1


Went over to my grandma's house and this was my OOTD

My hairstyle of the day: Bun with plaits

This hairstyle was more successful as compared to day 1 and together, with the pink ribbon clip that my boyfriend picked, doesn't it look simple and sweet? :)

Photos of my maternal cousins, nephew and niece

Day 2 would have ended with just one house-visiting but this year, my clique decided to gather on the second day to have our annual CNY gathering at Matt's house with steamboat and grill for dinner!

Photo credits: Ling

We girls would never fail to camwhore, especially on special occasions/festive, so here goes:

Solo picture of us:

& the group photo

Last but not least, my fav boy 

My fav boy and I have a yearly exchange of angbaos. I believe we are one of those few couples to do such things, right? Because I myself never heard or seen any couple doing such things beside us but I cannot claim that we are definitely the first ah. Lol. At least this is one of the unique things we do that separate us from other couples around us ^^

Our 2nd yearly exchange

I customized the above "red packet" for him because according to his dad, he couldn't celebrate CNY due to his grandpa's death late last year. I do not know what are the can/cannot-do-things such that it won't be offensive towards his late grandpa and his family, so to be safe, I customize the entire red packet from the exterior to the interior.

And this is from him to me :)

So this marks the end of the short holidays that I had and I enjoyed every single bit of it! I hope in the year of Snake, everything will go smoothly for me and my loved ones would be in their pink of health. Get rid of all the bad luck and may everyone be happy! :)



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