Friday, 15 August 2014

Great Eastern Part 2

So being a chill and fun internship, drinks and parties are usually involved in the equation. For my group, drinking started on week 3, directly after our first exam where all of us passed it and had no failures unlike most groups. Getting full passes for ALL exams was our first step towards the Best Group award... ^^

Then next, we had our networking session at Attica on week 5, where it was meant for us to mingle with the mentors and other groups. However, mingling with the other groups didn't really work out well since most of us are accustomed to just sticking with our own groups haha. We had free flow beer and finger food that night and my group spent our time playing drinking games.

After the networking session, we felt the night was still young HAHA, so some of my group members decided to go Zouk with the other interns from other groups.

Subsequently, we have this group of clubbing friends and we would go club together frequently..

Saw Patricia Mok on one of the Wednesdays in Zouk

Besides having fun, we had our fair share of stress too. On week 7, two days were allocated to presentations and each group had to present two case studies and one topic-based presentation. For my group, our stress doubled or even tripled because we were fighting for the best group award and we had a strong competitor then. But luckily, my creative group was able to outshine most groups and even though, we didn't know the results immediately, I felt my group did a super good job! :)

Did a skit for our case studies segment on our second day of presentations and my role was to act as a bimbo for one of the main characters in the case -.- My group sabo me when I left early on one of our project meetings...

This is not the end!
Next post will be on the last bit of this internship, which I would say the most fun part of the entire internship! :D

So till then,

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