Wednesday, 27 May 2015

[Sponsored] Home-based gelish nails

Are these designs familiar? Uniqlo fans should know about this because this set of designs were trending on Uniqlo clothing and accessories for a period of time. They were by Lisa Larson and they could be found on bedroom slippers, pillow cases, shirts and shorts..

Since they are so popular, stickers of these designs should be common and therefore explains what I had on my nails right? Now this is the amazing part - all of them were hand-drawn. Yeah you see it correctly, all are HAND-DRAWN by my super talented manicurist, Diane. She spent hours doing this set of gelish nails and you can tell the amount of effort she usually puts in for each of her customers. 

Diane is a home-based manicurist which means customers have to go over to her house in Tampines for appointments. One good thing about home-based manicure sessions would be that the environment is homely and for rabbit-lovers, you may occasionally get to witness her rabbit hopping out for its occasional visits, if not, sounds created by that little fellow.

Diane really takes good care of my nails. I was never a nail-person and I only do manicure/pedicure for important occasions which would come rare. But ever since I receive sponsors from Diane, I learnt that having good-looking nails are equally important too. I stopped biting the skin of my fingers and would occasionally apply creams (if I remember). I also remembered there was once, 3 out of my 10 nails started to chip off after a few weeks and it was a sign that my nails were weak, so in the next session, Diane applied layers to protect my nails. What a nice lady isn't it? This is why I always feel that my nails are well taken care of in her hands ^^

Above are some designs that she had done for her other customers.

And above are designs that she had done for me previously.

Do look up at Diane's instagram (@dianecsl) for her other works and if any of you would like to engage her services, feel free to message and check with her availability and rates via 96613770.

Monday, 2 March 2015


Happy meh-meh year everyone!
Hope everyone had a great one, feasting on those cny goodies and collecting loads of angpows :D

CNY, this year, was something that I looked forward to. Not because of angpows, goodies or to dress nicely, but because it's finally rest time for me. Early Feb till CNY was purely school and work (events and shoots) every single day, including weekends. When I was off-duty, I had to rush presentation slides and get errands done. Exhausted max. And few days ago, I was unlucky enough to catch the fever bug :/ 

But still, I had a great one with my loved ones and even managed to go for a short getaway in Desaru, Malaysia :)