Sunday, 24 February 2013


Cravings = A powerful desire for something.
As for me, my cravings usually revolve around food.

And my most recent crave is pancakes.

It all started from the night before CNY eve when I was in my boyfriend's car, listening to this radio DJ interviewing the owners of a local pancake store and the next morning, I woke up with a crave for pancakes. I thought of just getting Mcdonald's hotcakes to satisfy the crave but I figured out that i would missed the chance of getting it (It was nearing 12pm and I was still in bed then). But thanks to my laziness, it earned me the opportunity to visit the pancake store that was broadcasted the night before. My boyfriend decided to bring me there for lunch :D

We headed over to Little Pancakes, at Upper Thomson Road.
A small little, cozy store, with cute little paintings of that two characters below as their wall decorations.

Ordered the following:

Going Nutella For You

Gimme S'more Oreos!

Looks good isn't it? Small little pancakes that are just perfect for dessert, though I was full after eating my share for lunch. Hahaha. 


And so, my crave didn't end after that meal. I was still craving for more and my bf & I decided to make homemade pancakes by ourselves a week ago.

First attempt and I have to say we are pretty good not to make those pancakes burnt! Definitely will try again to get a nicer pancake colour and size.

Pancakes would be too dry to eat without maple syrup, butter or ice cream. For me, ice cream would be the best option and ta-da, salted caramel ice cream with pancakes. 

Can't wait to start making pancakes again! But all these have to wait till my mid-term tests and deadlines are over :( Hais, back to my essays and books...

Till then,

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