Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Great Eastern Part 3

The last and final post about my GE Internship, featuring the fun business "camp" that we had in Malacca from 26-28 June 2014 and also the conferment ceremony. Seriously, when I first heard we would be having a camp, my first thought was that we would be staying in tents and do camp activities just like what we experienced in schools. But nah, those 3 days 2 nights were like a holiday. We stayed in a 4 star hotel - Hatten Hotel, tried the famous and yummy food in Melaka and everything was sponsored :D Great Eastern treated us interns real goooood!

Day 1
Day 1 was super chill but yet boring ~ We spent most of our time traveling from SG to our hotel, with our lunch place (shown below) as one of our few pitstops. Upon reaching the hotel, we had to listen through many motivational talks, which was pretty tiring for me, as well as my some of other group mates because we didn't sleep much the previous night :x After which, we settled ourselves in the hotel rooms and headed straight to some Chinese restaurant for dinner where we saw Fann Wong (still pregnant then) and Christopher Lee. Then, ended our night with KTV and drinks.

Day 2
Day 2 was much more interesting as we played amazing race around Melaka in the morning and had water games in the afternoon. I didn't join my team for the water games but was cheering for them and disrupting the score system of other teams. Oh, everything we did in Melaka had certain percentage to the final fight for the Best Team award, so besides enjoying ourselves, we also strategize ourselves well for the fight haha.

Later at night, we had a mentor-mentee session at the hotel's sky lounge where we talked over drinks and the mentors would share about their experiences in the industry and would also try to convince you from here onwards. I enjoyed talking to my mentor since he is one of the youngest out of all the mentors my group had so we could actually talked about school and stuff like that buttt honestly, I didn't like the part where he tried convincing me :/

After that, few groups decided to go clubbing together, including mine of course haha. We got our mentors along and there we went to enjoy our last night :D

Day 3
I had less than 10 hours of sleep for the past 3 nights and by the last day of the trip, I was super shag. Despite being tired, it was a joyous day for my team as we clinched the Best Team Award as well as, the Best Group for Assignment 2 (the case studies where my group performed a skit and I acted as a bimbo) :D GOOD JOB GROUP 8! :)

After award presentation, we headed out for lunch and slowly made our way back to SG. I didn't go home immediately and in fact, upon reaching SG, I had to rush to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to catch 2NE1 "All or Nothing" concert. SUPERRR BUSYYY HAHAHA.


Conferment 07.07.2014
About a week later, we had our conferment. Sounds like those typical ceremonies that undergraduates have in universities right? Haha!

Received all the necessary certificates and internship fee; had our last few photos taken as a group and also had our last group briefing together... Then we bidded farewell to each other :(

Felt quite upset to leave each other :( After all, we see each other almost every single day for the past 8 weeks, so we had some sort of attachment together... Oh well, all good things will come to an end (hais) and I truly wish my group mates all the best for their future endeavours :D


To sum up, I didn't regret joining this internship despite all the negative thoughts I had when I applied for it. Met many wonderful people, had loads of fun tgt and of course, definitely learn a thing or two about the industry. I must be real dumb if I don't learn anything after taking so many exams haha. Needless to say, there's also the downside to joining this internship and that is the mentors will try to convince you to stay and try out to be an insurance agent. For me, I know I wouldn't want to be part of the industry. I tried all ways to tell my mentors buttt... haha, I'm not fully out yet.

To those that are considering to join the next batch of GE Internship, I feel that you shouldn't worry so much about the exams and what's not. Just apply for it and just have fun. But of course, if you really don't wish to be an insurance agent at the end of the day (like me), I think it would be good that you actually voice it out from the start and be determined with your decision.

Thank you Great Eastern for this wonderful Entrepreneurial Internship Program :)

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