Saturday, 9 February 2013

Cute girl next door

I've a really cute girl staying next door and she captures my heart and attention each time she walks past my house *shy* But hey, I'm not lesbian, neither am I bisexual! HAHAHAHA.

This girl that I'm talking about is a young little girl with the tender age of 5 years old & her name is Samantha :)

Recently, she kept coming to my house after her dinner and she would walk around my entire house, from each room to the kitchen. Acting like she is the buyer of my house uh :D Hahaha. Most of the time, the other rooms are not available as my dad & bro would be napping, so she could only come into my room. And she would always comment how pretty my room is etc but those that came to my house before knows that my room is nowhere near pretty. Just reasonable. Samantha loves to play with the soft toys on my bed too and she had a soft toy war with my bro on my bed before.

Here she was in my room, telling me how pretty my room is...

Then, in my brothers' room and she was sharing her bowling experience when we thought we heard volleyball.

Another night visit from her

She is so cute, isn't she? She loves taking photos and would even pose for me to take!

I have also started exercising recently, with this FOC trainer but hor, he is a lousy trainer! Anyway that trainer is my boyfriend and we exercise in his condo's gym. Why did I say he is lousy? Hmm, firstly, he would let me do anything I want. If I tell him I don't feel like exercising that day, he would agree to it. Secondly, he would allow me to eat ice cream etc, and even bought a tub of salted caramel ice cream for me as my reward. I was happy with the reward but all my efforts in the gym went down to the drain the moment I ate the ice cream T.T Lastly, the lousy trainer blamed it on me for not controlling myself with sweet stuffs and not listening to his instructions. Where got such thing? If I've that kind of determination, I wouldn't need a trainer in the first place. Right?

The yummy dessert 

CNY is just one day away and I'm so excited about it! Able to dress up, wear heels, collect angpows, eat many goodies and last but not least, photo taking! Every year, I would set a certain theme for myself. Maybe like wear dresses/shorts/skirts or have a colour theme etc. This year, it's a little different from the past themes as the focus is not on my clothing but on something else, which I would not reveal now. I will post photos on Instagram (if possible) and blog about it next time round.

Oh, take a look at what I got for free. Hehehe. My mummy was so happy to see all these. Haha.

Before I end off, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR. Enjoy the festival and must drink lots of water if you eat too much heaty food! :)


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