Saturday, 13 December 2014

"Life is like a box of chocolates"

In a box of chocolate assortments, we would definitely like some and not the others, but somehow we will still polish them off. Just like how we would have good days and bad days. No matter how much we dislike those bad days and pray they will never be back, life still goes on and we will still find ways to get past those horrible days.


Have been spending my past three days at home, reading. It's therapeutic and I can't seem to stop myself each time I start on a book. So far, two books down in just five days.. 

For some reasons, I haven't been feeling happy recently and that makes me cherish my reading time more because it serves as an escape from my problems. Don't have to think of anything else and just focus on the storyline. 

Maybe I need to get out of my house and lighten up my mood with the help of the pretty xmas lightings and decorations :)

Taken at Gardens by the Bay..
This has the postcard feel right? :D

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