Friday, 14 February 2014

CNY + Vday 2014

CNY 1st day

*Posted the other OOTD photo on my Instagram (not shown in this post) which could also be found on Fashmob's Instagram as well! Click here to view!

CNY 2nd day

My mummy's lunar birthday, always on the second day of CNY.

With the external family, on the second day.

Happy lu-neighhhh new year, everyone! :)

Greetings from the last day of CNY! :) Hope you guys had a good short CNY holiday. I definitely had a great one. This year CNY was much busier for my family. We had more visits; met up with other family members that hardly joined us in the previous years and most importantly, we could see the family size getting larger as more of my cousins' other halves join in and celebrate this festive with us :)

Really looking forward to CNY in the next few years :D

*Credit to my bro for my OOTD photos on CNY 1st and 2nd day. Guess that's the good thing about having siblings. They will help you take lots of OOTD photos :D

So, besides being the last day of CNY, today is also another special day ~

Happy Valentines Day!
May all the couples be happy and for those who are single, may you all find your Mr/Miss Right soon. For those without dates today, well don't be upset. That day will come real soon for you, just not happening now *think positively* :D

Last but not least, Vday is not just for couples, it can be for everyone, anyone. So don't harp on the fact that you don't have a date tonight. Grab a friend or two and have your own fun :D You can also celebrate with your family too! Just like how I'm going to spend it today :)

So have fun, peeps!

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