Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Switch by Timbre

Where to head to for a night out with your girlfriends?

Considering a place with live band and drinks as your companion as well?

Then Switch by Timbre might be a suitable place :)

The food offered by Switch can be pretty expensive and may come in small portion, according to the reviews that I've seen online thus far. Personally, I have yet to try out any of their main courses/food except for their fries which I felt it was slightly more expensive for the portion given but it tasted well, so sharing with your friends over drinks is quite worth it.

If you don't want to be disappointed over the bill at the end of the day, perhaps you could do the same as what my friends and I did. We would settle our dinner at Raffles City and then walked over to Switch thereafter. Distance-wise, it's not very far and it's always good to stroll after meals, isn't it?

However, do take note on one of the Switch's house rules:
Everyone has to buy a drink.

Some reviews complain that this rule is rather stupid but I felt that it's pretty good to ensure they have business going on without having customers lingering for long and occupying seats that could serve more customers. I'm not quite sure if this rule works for those who ordered their main courses though, so it's best to check with their staff yeah?

Anyway, I enjoy their live bands a lot. I went for their Thursday (recommended by my friends) and Friday slots. And wow, they are good! :) You can dedicate songs via SMS but it's up to the singers whether your songs are chosen. If it's not, they do sing other well-known songs, in both English and Chinese. Cheryl, one of their singers, even know how to sing some songs in Thai and as well as, in Jap. She sang First Love and it was good!

As for drinks, I tried their Ribena/Blackcurrent Kirin and also, Cranberry Kirin. Hmm, if you prefer sweeter beer, then consider the Ribena Kirin. I opt for beer without the foam because my friends said it is bitter and weird. Their Snowball is good too! 


Okay, so overall, Switch is a place that I enjoy heading to when I hang out with my girlfriends :) Hope it will be a place that suits you and your friends too!

Now pictures of me and my fav pretty girlfriends :)

Till then,

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