Friday, 27 December 2013


Added this pretty picture of me on my Instagram feed 1 week ago. Quite amazed at how the photos turned out hehe, and this is one my fav shots of all. Photography always amazed me.

Anyway, I've never done an OOTD kind of shoot before, so I decided to try it out and to make my blog a little lively. Therefore, I decked on my polka dots overall (which I've purchased sometimes back but do not have opportunities to wear it out) and together with my pair of sneakers to IKEA Tampines.

I chose IKEA with the notion of killing two birds with one stone.
1) I need to do slight renovation to my absolutely messy room. It's so messy that it's driving me nuts so I decided to get a shelf to organize my items.
2) An opportunity to shoot without people staring at me all the time. Plus the many showrooms with nicely placed furnitures for us to make use of :D

Of course, while shooting, I've never forgotten my task to look for shelf and boxes to contain my stuffs.

Just returned from Bali and we had hell lots of fun. Catching sunrise, sunset, playing ATV and visiting animals etc. Do stay tuned for more interesting updates about Bali :)

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  1. How come all the thanks go to the model and not the photographer??