Monday, 18 November 2013


Few months ago, under my friends' persuasion and influence, I bought a pair of Converse sneakers. It's also my first pair of sneakers that I own. Finally can tick it out from my list of wants.

Since I received it, I have worn it out twice and I have to admit I'm loving it. It matches well with almost anything that gives off the casual look. No wonder it's called an essential to many. In the past, I always thought it would give that boy-ish look and being a more girly girl, that's not the style that I would want to portray and hence, my hesitance in buying a pair of sneakers.

The first time that I wore my pair of sneakers out:

Then the second time. This time round for a photoshoot with MapelDaisy.
Different from my usual style ya.

Well, we really have to try out all sorts of things in order to know if we truly like them. See now I'm loving the sneakers look despite my past reluctance, isn't it? :)

Don't reject, just try!

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