Monday, 25 November 2013

Stella Stash

(Hello in Korean)

Do I look Korean-ish in those pictures? :D
I hope I do, because that's how I felt during the photoshoot.

Korean trend is hard to die, isn't it? Most people are still into K-pop, going ohh-wow over flawless Korean girls and even learn how to do Korean-like makeup to be a Korean-alike of the day. Are you one of such people that I'd mentioned???

Moving on to apparels. It's not a surprise that we have Korean fashion in our local markets and here I am going to introduce this blogshop that has their current collection 6 catering to lovers of Korean fashion...

Stella Stash aims to provide workwear and lifestyle items to our customers. Price is a subjective number, and we seek to deliver value to our customers, providing an optimal quality for the given price point. Every single piece in Stella Stash is sourced and handpicked with the customer in mind. Certain lower priced items are too translucent to last through two wears, with unflattering cut sleeves, and maybe missing zips or any form of opening that makes it difficult for customers to don on apparels - definitely not what Stella Stash is about. 

I particularly love the phrase of "Price is a subjective number, ... , providing an optimal quality for the given price point". Indeed, the cost to look good is the price tag on apparels, but then, if those clothes can make one feels good, comfortable and most importantly, confident, then sacrificing that few dollars is nothing, isn't it? ^^

In Stella Stash, you do not only find pretty Korean apparels, you will find nice and unique accessories!
Example, the Mockingbird Necklace (shown below) or the White Daisy Necklace that I worn in the first picture above. Don't they look good? I bet they will go well with any outfit for a casual day out! Feeling tempted to get them for myself hehe!

Mockingbird Necklace

So do visit Stella Stash to satisfy your crave for Korean apparels as well as pretty accessories. Their apparels are really good in quality and you will not regret getting them for yourself! :)

More pictures shown below:

For more details on Stella Stash, visit their platforms as given below.


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