Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Sushi Bar

Heard about the craves of The Sushi Bar sometime back and since I was craving for sushi during my mid-terms week, I decided to try them out. Situated at the third level of Far East Plaza, it is accessible and easy to find. Ladies could even stop by to have a bite or two during their shopping break ^^

Went down with Eug during the evening and we were early to avoid the dinner crowd. Greeted by friendly staff (waitress) but was told that the main chef (which I supposed is the boss - Eugene) wasn't around at that time and we couldn't order anything related to sashimi. So well, we decided to wait for the chef to return and was enquiring the usual stuff like the time etc. But this SUPER RUDE kitchen staff said smth so loudly as though we couldn't hear it. He had that arrogant tone and was telling his colleagues (who were attending to us then) to ask us to leave if we were not interested in ordering. RUDE TTM. I think The Sushi Bar needs to educate their staff, especially that rude guy. Like seriously.

The food is SUPER YUMMY :D We went along with the good reviews and ordered the following:

Salmon Aburi Roll ($13.90)

Chirashi Don ($24.90)

Super yums! The sushi melts in your mouth and the salmon, tuna etc are thick and succulent. Looking at these pictures make me drool now ~ Craving for it againnnnnn :(

It was not enough for us even though we were already burping. Hehe so we ordered another plate of salmon, at $4.90.

Look at how thick these slices are. Fat and juicy. Yumyum.

Do try them out! It's really worth the money :) But do check their facebook page for more updates on their opening hours etc (Sometimes they don't even open for business).

The Sushi Bar
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213


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