Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Personal space / School

Geesh, I hate it when people invade my personal space when there are simply so much space in the same area! Just this afternoon, I had a lecture and I sat beside this girl that kept invading my personal space. So you all know, in the auditorium, each of us has that small little table and that armrest which is connected to the chair we are sitting on, usually it's on the right hand side. 

Sooo, this girl sat on my right hand side and during the entire 1.5hrs of lecture, she kept leaning onto my armrest (which is on her left), in fact she made used of BOTH arm-rests (hers and mine)! Hello, I don't need to write ah?! Even if I don't need to use the armrest, it doesn't mean that she should use it plus it's a MUST for me to write notes and that means I will be in contact with her arm. Not that she is disgusting or what, but why would I be crazy to be in contact with a stranger?! Not only that, she even tried to put her belongings near me. Like wtf. 

I really tried to be nice to her, but she doesn't get it and I just had to do it the hard way like "accidentally" shoved her arm away lightly as I flipped my pages etc. It's really mean I know but I simply detest people who doesn't learn how to respect others' private space. Plus she gave me that claustrophobia feeling in that 1.5hrs. Sorry I just had to protect myself before I find myself having difficulties to breathe.

 Zzz, please don't be like this girl. Don't be an annoying person.


School has started for me since yesterday and everything went well so far. It's already my 5th sem and I'm starting to dread school. Not because of the environment, but the workload. On a lighter note, Eug has started his 1st sem in NUS and woohoo, that means I will see him more often (hopefully). 

Some selfies that I took yesterday:

Wait for my next post, for a different me :)

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