Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Corner Shop


Remember that I mentioned how busy I was during June and even dedicated 3 different posts to talk about what I was busy with? If you don't rmb, it's okay! You can always read them here:

June 2013

Well, so this post will be a continuation of my busy June. Yes I know it has already past, but just bear with me. Plus it would be a bonus for the ladies out there too, trust me ^^

Recall this?
It's found on my Insta, about 2 months ago.

Proudly introducing a new online store - My Corner Shop! This online store is not those type of new whereby it just operated in the past few months but new due to a change of the store.

My Corner Shop started out in year 2012, replacing models with mannequins. And yes, you got it right, I'm their first model. Recently, My Corner Shop has been doing some good advertising with Just Live Dance Productions and I'm sure those that had went to support their booth would have realized how nice the owners are plus their apparels are mainly sweet and casual. Fit Singapore's all-year round warm and humid weather.

Few more nice apparels from their 2 collections:

3/4 Maxi Dress in Teal
If I would ever go on a holiday, I would definitely wear this 3/4 maxi dress out! So chill, plus I've never wear a maxi dress out before. I just don't have the occasion to wear maxi dresses out :/

Feminine Folds in Coral
Slight fold near the top, is suitable for both corporate wear as well as, a girls outing in town.

Flutter Top in Rose
The folds, together with the colour, makes a perfect combination of laidback style. Suitable for picnic outing!

For more info about My Corner Shop,

Website: http://www.mycornershop.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyCornerShop.com.sg
Instagram: mycornershopsg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mycornershopsg

Another new online store coming up soon. Will update it once I see the photos.

Till then,

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