Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Woman's dream

Every woman's dream
To walk down the aisle with their one and only and receive blessings from their close ones.
To live by the oath and decision that both have genuinely decided on that special day.
To embark on a new journey with a once-called-stranger and live happily ever after.

Is that your dream? It's definitely my dream :)

Marriage usually comes with a physical package - ring, flowers and not to miss, wedding.
Ever thought of what kind of wedding you would go for?

A grand wedding in European style with antique-looking yet modernized decorations?

Or a simple and casual wedding in a church or by the beach?

Whichever dream wedding you have in mind, I've always believed that the blissful smiles on the couples' faces are way more important than the materials. That's simply something that could never achieve if not for love and for their future, their goals that they look forward to. 

I always find myself envying the couples when they walked down the aisle, hand-in-hand. And I could totally imagine myself walking down the aisle with my beloved one, probably with tears of joy streaming down my face too haha. 


Early last month, I got the chance to be a bride-of-the-day. Yes, only one day and no, my marital status is still SINGLE but NOT available. It was just a photoshoot for this photographer as he wanted to take part in an international photography competition.

My "fiancé -of-the-day" is a Caucasian and a guy (duh). I never had a photoshoot with the opposite sex before, so it was super awkward plus all the actions that we were supposed to do, it just made me feel worse. Thankfully, the male model isn't a ti-ko-peh, where he would take the chance to touch me. In fact, he is so gentlemanly that he would help me carry my bags / long wedding dress / long veil. Even in those close positions, he would entertain me by playing with his eyes and discuss certain theories or whatsoever. I guess it helped to make me feel less awkward.

Wedding shoot is NOT easy, esp in the long and stuffy wedding dress, under the super duper warm weather! My makeup just kept melting and at the last few parts of the shoot (in the night), my hair was so messy. The makeup artist and myself were so tired that we couldn't be bothered with how messy it could get. And guess what, prior to this shoot, I only had an hour of rest because I played mahjong overnight, all the way till 8am. Clever girl, I know.

Despite that, the photos turned out pretty well. So happy to see the photos :D But for some reasons, I can't post most of the photos on Instagram or here :/ Shall just post a few and keep the others for my own view.

My solo pics

Together with my "fiancé"

Here's some off-the-scene pics

Styling in progress ~

Fooling around haha

End work!

It was my most tiring shoot of all, but no pain no gain. This is the first but may also be the last time that I'm taking wedding shoots (till my very own special day) and I have to say it was a great experience. Really :)

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