Saturday, 6 July 2013

My newfound love

That's right, I found another living being that is worth my unlimited love, my fullest attention, meticulous caring and whatever young-motherly feeling I have now. She is the joy of my life at the moment. The one reason why I always look forward to going home once the clock strikes 6pm. (As mentioned before, I'm currently working just like any working adults with the fixed routine of 9-6pm office-bound job.)

So who / what is that living being? A BABY?! O.O

Oh yes, she is a baby that's right!
Proudly presenting to you, my newfound love...

Her first picture when we first welcomed her to a new environment - my home :)

Yeah, her name totally sounds like her kind - Hamster, but well, according to Eugene, she somewhat reacts to this name or either way, the word "Hamster". So why bother creating a new name that she won't react to right? And tada, Hammy is her name!

She came to me on the 15th of June, with the age of 3 months old. You may ask, why is she so big then? That's because she is a SYRIAN hamster and hamsters of this breed are usually much bigger-sized than the others. Initially, I was confused whether I should keep a pet or not, and if I should keep such a BIG hamster. I was also afraid the hamster cage that I have at home would give her stress due to little space. Ya, so many worries for just a little hamster because I know her life will be part of my responsibility. I definitely wouldn't want to see her suffer or die so early.

This was taken a few days after she slowly gotten used to my family and the environment but yet, feeling a little shy. But surprisingly, she was quite comfortable with me. After finding a nice comfy spot on my dress (the grey background is my dress!), she started munching on her food which she kept inside her mouth when we fed her. Eugene says she trusts me hehe, well, how true is that, we don't know :D

As usual, if you followed me on Instagram, you would have seen this picture about her trying to get into her food paradise. She is a smarty hammy. She would figure her way to get what she wants and whenever she wants food, she will climb into my folded legs, stand on her legs and look at me with her big eyes. Those moments would always make my heart flutter, aww. She knows by doing that, for sure, it would entitle her to food. Once she is satisfied, she will start crawling out from my legs and play. Smart right!

Then recently, she became very tired. This is a picture of her sleeping after running a few rounds on the sofa. Usually when she is out from her cage, she will make use of the chance to explore the entire place and if possible, hide away from us haha. But not recently. She ran a few rounds around me, then she would stop and start to doze off. I have a video of her sleeping but just can't find a way to upload it here. Geesh, next time!

This is her, after finding a comfortable spot to sleep against my dress.

So far she is the one living being that my entire family and Eugene's family adores. She even got to spend a short vacation in Eugene's house for few days haha. But there's one thing we are super afraid of and that is somehow she managed to get out of the cage with the cage locked up! It has happened three times so far! Thank goodness, she has not make up her mind to hide away from us and she would react to her name when my parents called out for her. Phew. And we are still investigating how she managed to get out from the cage. 

I have lots of photos and other videos of her in my phone, but for now, this shall serve as a short introduction of my baby hammy. Cute right? So in love with this mischievious smarty hammy. 

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