Thursday, 27 June 2013

Outdoor shoot (Part 3)

Here comes Part 3...

Today, I'm going to share another photoshoot experience. This is not the usual online fashion store photoshoots. But more of those themed-photoshoots, so don't expect to see nice clothes here ~

Try figuring it out what the theme is, hehe.
Answer will be revealed at the bottom of the post ^^

The venue of the shoot is Chinese Garden, some place that I've never been before but apparently I was told it was one of the popular places in the past for the older generation. We arranged to meet up at 7.30am, which means I had to wake up real early to prepare. I always have a love-hate relationship with morning shoots, I don't know why.

Cabbed down to Chinese Gardens and on the way there, the sky colour started to darken. I was hoping it doesn't rain because it was an outdoor shoot after all, but damn it, it rained in the end. Thank god, no one cancel the shoot!

A self-shot, reflecting my mood caused by the rain while waiting for one of the photographers to come fetch me.

I guess I was lucky because once I met up with the other photographers, the rain/drizzle had stopped! Outdoor shoot was back on track! Hooray!

Oh yes, you didn't see any grammatical errors - I did typed "photographers". Not 2, not 3, but 5/6 if I'm not wrong! Couldn't remember the exact number but yes, that many! I got a shock when I realized there would be so many photographers!

Few pictures of Chinese Garden when we were walking towards the Pagoda for a less wet area. Look at the gloomy sky :/

We didn't waste any precious time and we went ahead to do our things. The photographers testing the lighting and their equipments. They brought so many equipments along and for a moment, I thought I was shooting a professional shoot.

1, 2, 3, SNAP!
Shoot commenced.

Started shooting about 8plus, 9am till 12plus. The sun started appearing as time passed by and it was getting harsher for me to shoot under the hot sun. Tried my best to do my utmost best and hoping the photos turn out well. And I was glad that I didn't disappoint the photographers. Throughout the shoot, I received many praises from them :)

So now, time to look at the pretty photos they took. It was amazingly pretty, not praising myself but the effect of the photos :)

Like I've said, my Instagram received the first-hand news and I posted this photo 2 weeks ago...

So do you have any idea what theme was I shooting for???
Haha, actually, just by looking at the photos, I really couldn't tell it myself too :p

The theme is:

Waiting for your date, waiting for a miracle, waiting for anything/anyone.
The main idea is to show the desire for that person/thing to come, without any sign of frustration, but purely to yearn.

I was glad I took up this shoot because I met nice photographers who are really very patient with me. They are not stern and fierce, and they kept joking with me. I've learnt a lot from them too, like they impart me knowledge of what photographers generally look out for, how to be more natural and it is definitely useful even for other less-professional shoots that I'm going to take on in time to come. Overall, wonderful experience for me! :)


Just a short update, I found a temporary office job for this summer holiday and therefore, I will be blogging less. I hope this explains why this post took so long to appear in this space. I will also be blogging about the one MAJOR factor why I will blog lesser too, in my next few posts perhaps. For first hand news, follow me on Instagram!

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