Sunday, 21 July 2013

7 July 2013

Last last Sunday, 7th July, was one of my happiest days in the year. It marks a brand new start to my relationship, forgetting all about the unhappiness that we incurred over the past year. As many knows, the past one year wasn't a smooth-sailing one and therefore, to be able to hit the 3 year mark was no easy feat. 

But we make it and this will not be the end of Eugene-Cheryl relationship. In fact, as I think back of the past 2 months, we haven't been quarreling as often as we did. Once in a while, we do have slight unhappy disagreements which we cleared it before we sleep, but nothing as serious as what we had before. A good sign, yeah? :)

We are definitely much stable than before and has been learning to appreciate and love each other better.

So for this special day, we decided to spend some real quality time. I wanted to cancel all appointments that day but being nice, he told me to go ahead with a 10-12pm shoot. So after the shoot, we met up and went to our mutual friend's 21st lunch first, before heading out to spend time together.

The birthday girl 

Eugene knew her for 7 years++, while I was her JC classmate and we used to hang around together in school with another girlfriend. She could also be considered as one of the matchmakers for Eugene-Cheryl relationship hahahaha.

I love this candid photo a lot. I was discussing about the baby boy (which is the bday girl's nephew) with the bday girl's dad. Haha. That child is super adorable although he was a little grumpy that day :/

So, after bidding goodbye, we headed back to my house. I insisted on going back home because I had a small surprise for him, whereas on his part, he couldn't understand why I had to go back home and change when I could simply just wear the dress I was wearing to catch a movie. I gave him all sorts of excuses like I don't want people to look at me and my thick make-up face; I was feeling sticky and I need to go home bathe etc. DETERMINED to get home and fulfil my surprise of the day!

I won, in the end. Wahaha.

And I gave him his surprise - Banana cupcakes with chocolate chips and peanut butter frosting :)

You guys must be like "Chey, cupcakes only!" right?? But it's smth unbelievable for me okay?! My first time baking for someone I love. Like really. I suck at anything that you see in the kitchen, like totally. So to be able to bake, it's considered amazing already. Anyway I played cheat too. I got my senior to help me and supposedly to guide me too, but in the end she did almost all the work. Hehe.

We wanted to bring Hammy out to the park and cycle but the weather wasn't good that day, so we switched our plans to Despicable Me 2! :) Good switch of plans anyway. It was so funny and cute! We can't stop laughing at the minions. But I've to say that the first movie was much better, in terms of plot. But still, the minions are so adorableeeeee ~ Potatooooooo ~

After movie, time for dinner! He brought me to Coastal Settlements. Hmm, I like their ambience and the nature surroundings. It gave me a peaceful feeling. However, I was quite surprised with their variety of food and it's overpriced. I told Eug that we should never come here so often unless it's for some special occasion. Food wise, so-so.

The lights were too dim to take nice photos :(

Despite being pixelated, I still love this photo of us 

Of all the food we ordered, I like this the most. Calamari with spices, together with the mayo inside the passion fruit. Yummy.

Eug's fish and chips.

Mine - Black pepper crab spaghetti
It really have that black pepper taste, but it tasted bleh after a while. I guess it's because of the parsley (if I'm not wrong). There was just too much of this greeny stuff.

There were many cars around there too and I feel it's really a good place to come here, relax and to take photos. Haha, blogshop owners, you guys might want to consider this place for an outdoor shoot.

But yet, sometimes, I'm afraid I might neglect him :( Now with office job on the weekdays and shoots on the weekends, it gets harder to spend lots of time together. We have our other personal commitments as well, so that make things even harder. Often, he would drop by my workplace to have lunch with me and I'm happy that he would take the effort to meet me whenever he can :) I'm super grateful to him as well for always accommodating to my schedule and supporting my modeling choice. Thank you so much dear!

ANYWAY, the Runway Model hunt contest is coming to an end soon! So excited. Hehe.

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