Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Inner thoughts / Ling's 21st

What is the worst thing you could ever expect from a relationship?
This always lead to 2 outcomes - Reconcile or separation for good.
And this applies to all relationships, be it family ties, friendship or BGR.

In the absence of 2 weeks, I've learnt how fragile relationships are.
It could all start out from a stupid, harmless or slip-of-the-tongue sentence...
Or the annoying tone from the other party...
Or the potential saboteurs that convey a wrong message...
Or even the weak inferential skills.

All sorts of possibilities and I personally find it stupid to assume things from the way it is.
If you are currently experiencing whatever I've said or making assumptions from the way you view certain things, let me tell you the best solution...

If the other party is someone that you once held dearly or one that is still important to you, no matter how harsh the truth may be like, just muster your courage and face the reality.
Even if there is no other chance for the relationship to carry on, at least you know how it ended.
Apologize if there is a need; admit it when you caused a mistake.
Be truthful; there's nothing else to hide.

This is what I learnt recently:
"Those who mind don't matter; those who matters don't mind"

It's through arguments that you see the true colours of the other party.
Because during these arguments, trust is one of the key points to the end outcome.
And I've seen mine.


Moving on to happier stuff.
Let me share what I had been doing in the past 2 weeks.
Highly doubt it would be in chronological order though, so don't be confused!
I will post dates along for easier reading and follow up ^^

2 weeks ago, 25 May, another baby girl of mine held her 21st birthday party and one day later, she was off to a 2 weeks Europe trip. Good life right! I'm soooo jealous because this holiday I don't think I will be going overseas :/ Stuck in this small island, hais.

I planned to go over early to help out in the decorations but I didn't make it on time due to other plans and was a little late. When I reached there, I was super tired because I woke up 6 in the morning that day to prepare for a morning shoot which was the book promotion book in the previous post, and never take a nap at all till I got home which was about 21 hours later.

But I was happy that the party went well, without any major hiccups.
And all thanks to my good friend, Marcus, for booking his condo's function room for us 2-3 weeks before the actual party. We faced a major problem with venue then but phew, luckily we managed to find one in time.

After chunks of words, now let the photos do the talking...

The birthday girl

Playing around with the cute props

The boyfriends

The cake and cupcakes look super pretty right???
And there is something really special about the cake.
Scroll down to see the "special" thing about it.

Cut cake time!

Rainbow effect makes it special and very very pretty ^^

Fooling around with this balloon haha.

With my beloved boy

The guy that helped us out with this venue.
Thank you, Marcus!

Coming up with Part 2 of my activities in the past 2 weeks.
Stay tuned!

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