Thursday, 13 June 2013

Busy June (Part 2)

Sorry for being emotional again.
Once I get over it, I will be fine, promise :)
And you readers don't need to suffer too hehe.

I felt I was on a roller-coastar ride in the past 2 weeks. Downs and ups. And I'm not kidding. The first week, I felt like I plunged into darkness, feeling helpless and all I wanted was to cry. Everything came falling down on me and I was reflecting why did my life turned out this way. What had I done wrong? Personally speaking, I really dislike unexpected changes in my life. When things go wrong, I will have many question marks in my head till I got so tired figuring it out.

But I was glad that things didn't turn out as bad as I thought! For example, I didn't score badly for my exams which I thought I would really screw them up. And many more. Things that happened recently makes me stronger (I didn't cry though I wanted to) and also, allows me to understand who and what my priorities are. 

Despite that, one thing that I really enjoy about this June is that I started leading a busy life. Busy life with various photoshoots, which I will mention them later. And being busy, I learnt how to cherish time with my love ones. Every weekend, every lunch/dinner, in fact, every moment is very important to me now. I know one day, for sure, I will be complaining in this space about how tiring it is or how I stretch over my body limits for this lifestyle. But trust me, I will never regret accepting such lifestyle in my life. Because of this, I really learn how to cherish and appreciate people around me more :)

So I was saying photoshoot, then let me introduce you this newly set up online store.
J.Bijou Closet

The unique point about this online store is that it divided itself into 3 segments, namely the
1) Popular Wardrobe
2) Private Label
3) Import from Korea

Each segment wishes to target different groups of consumers, for example, segment 3 targets consumers that are patient as preorders are required, therefore, impatient consumers should understand that this is not the category that they should go for.

So for a start, they have released their first collection for Popular Wardrobe.
Pretty dresses of good quality!

In conjunction with their first release, they are now doing a give-away to 5 lucky winners!
All you need to do is to follow these steps and you may stand a chance to win the dress of your choice! :)

For more details, check out their:

J.Bijou Closet's Facebook
J.Bijou Closet's Website

Next up, I will bring along more interesting posts about my busy June.
Till then,

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