Friday, 17 May 2013

Process of Ah Boy to Man

Hello people, have you all been enjoying life??? :)

For me, I have been enjoying life ever since my finals were over. Heading out almost every single day, doing things that I've been wanting to do but yet couldn't be accomplished due to exams. And in fact, I'm starting to feel a little bored hahaha. Well, Singapore really has nothing much to do/explore and with the unpredictable weather like this, I can't plan a picnic or any outdoor outings. Hais.

Maybe I should go on an overseas trip, so that I won't feel as bored staying in SG. Haha.
And just last Thursday, I did left our dear homeland for a short 4 hours to Pulau Tekong.
Obviously, I wasn't there for a holiday but to send my younger brother off to his new phase in life - Army.

It was my second time stepping on Pulau Tekong's shores. And this time round, I experienced a different type of feeling as I bid goodbye to my brother. The feeling of being proud of my younger brother who would be embracing his next phase in life and I'm looking forward to see him change into a young, mature gentleman. I guess I felt more sad and reluctant to leave my bf 2 years ago. 

It has been a week and I kinda miss my brother now. No one to argue with, watch anime (only interested in one anime) and to talk nonsense blah blah blah. But on a brighter side, he will be back in 6 days time! Woohoo! I figured he would be tanner after all the vigorous training under the sun.

Taking the chance to take pictures with him while waiting to board the bus

All the boys gathered in front of their family members.

Spotted this big mirror and I couldn't resist taking a picture of us hehe.
A large mirror for the vain guys. HAHA. 

In my next few posts, I shall, hopefully, blog about my prawning experiences and also, my shopping craze.
Talking about shopping, I'm recently trying to find a simple, small sling bag.
If any of you happens to know anyone or any place that is selling such bags, do let me know ya!
Have been trying to find one but none of them seems to catch my attention yet :(

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