Monday, 13 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Today is the special day that we, as children, would thank our mother for her efforts, patience, love and care for the past few years. How she has been taking care of our daily needs, be it cooking for three meals/tea break/supper or washing our huge lump of dirty clothes or cleaning the entire house etc. They do not only need to act like domestic helper, but as well as accountant, baby-sitter, emotional pillar and as well as a teacher! Those sacrifices of being pretty office ladies to 黄脸婆 (a term that is often used to describe housewives) is worth our gratefulness for life.

My mum is exactly like what I've mentioned above. To her, and I believe to most mothers, family is everything. It's her top priority; something that is much important than her own personal needs. She is happy when everybody in the family is happy, and upset when any one of us is feeling sad.

So I would just like to use this space to let her know that I'm fully aware of her efforts for the family and I appreciate whatever she does. Although I get angry/annoyed at her at times, I still love her and would always reprimand myself for saying hurtful words to her. So, Mummy, thank you for these 21 years. I promise you and myself that I will be a much better daughter and try to bring lots of laughters in your life and not tears or anger :)

And of course, to my grandmother too!
And this is the first photo that I've ever taken with my grandma.
More to come!


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