Friday, 24 May 2013


During my recess week, Eugene decided to bring me out for a late night prawning session once he touched down in Singapore. Previously I had many bad experiences with prawning because it was difficult to catch those prawns while strangers around me caught them effortlessly. It was so demoralizing.

So this time round, when Eug surprised me with this late night prawning, I was happy yet demoralized. Ya, I was demoralized even before I stepped into the place :( But... what I didn't know was that Eug wanted to change our usual bait to a better one so that we can catch more prawns.

We were using clam meat as the bait all along but now, he decided to use worms as the bait. Worms are our enemies, like seriously! So when he bought the worms, I was freaking out and was wondering why he was not afraid of them! Guess what he told me? :) He said it was all because of me. He didn't want me to feel demoralized and sad from not catching any prawns. AWWW 

I swore the worms were distracting. I was curious, yet at the same time, afraid and disgusted. When one was released out of the container, I would push my chair away and try to be as far away as possible or hide behind Eug while he handled the worm. Gosh.

But thanks to my enemy, we managed to catch a lot of prawns!!! And it happened one more time after my exams as Eug promised that he would bring me back for another round of prawning as my exams motivation then.

So just last week, we went back and I, myself, caught about 28 prawns all by myself in 3 hours :) It is not a lot, but hey, it's not an easy task. Really. But yet, I enjoyed it! Hehe, my newfound activity to kill time. 

Go try it if you never try before. It could be frustrating when you catch none but when you manage to catch your first one, you will understand the joy and excitement that I had :)

During recess week

Last week's catch.
There was another plate, so we had 2 full plates of prawns, mostly caught by yours truly :D

While prawning, we saw this little cutie asking for food.
We couldn't resist it, so Eug and I started feeding it with prawns.
It ate both raw and cooked prawns btw.
And I realized the photos do no justice to this kitty, because it's 100 times cuter than what you see in those photos! 

It was looking at Eug for food, aww what a cutie.

The prawning facility that I always visit is:

Hai Bin Prawning
603 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575735

Till next time ~

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