Saturday, 2 February 2013

Unwell / Irwin + Ian's 21st / VauntCloset

I've been feeling sick since last Sunday :/ Down with a combination of fever, flu and sore throat! I hardly fall sick and when I do, it hit me hard with all sorts of combination and it would last for at least weeks before I fully recover. For now, no more fever and flu is almost gone but sore throat is still there and it's affecting my vocal bad :( I think I sounded "macho" during my discussion groups in school :/ 

Skipped my lecture on Thursday and stayed at home recuperating and catching up with webcasts. I can't believe I'm still in holiday mood when it's already the end of Week 3 in school. Oh gosh, someone pressurize me please. I don't sense the urgency to study yet but but but, mid-terms is coming about 4 weeks time! ARGH.

Alright, I shall talk about happier stuffs now and leave the others to fate (hais)...

Firstly, the continuation of January babies. I swear I didn't know that I have so many friends that are January babies until this year... I have attended 6 parties/celebrations so far and have blogged about 4 of them. So now, it's the 5th and the 6th, and they have similarities! Both of them are my girlfriends' boyfriends. HAHA.

The 5th one: Irwin

His party held at Costa Sands Pasir Ris, with the theme of black. My friends and I, being girls, we took a lot of photos and the boyfriends had to name us "maids" -.- Annoying guys, haha.

The 6th one: Ian

He held it at Goodwood Park Hotel and surprisingly, the room isn't very small. That night was rather crazy as everyone there drank except for a few. I'm not the exception and I drank quite a few shots plus beer. I did something stupid that night too. Threw my hairclip down from 6th storey and I didn't bring spare hair accessories, so basically I looked crazy that night. I knew why I threw it down but what puzzled me was how come my hairclip was not on my hair! Hmm...

And I was quite upset that I lost that hairclip :/ It had been with me for almost 5 years and I used it quite often. It's not very pretty but simple enough for me to love it and now, stupid owner had to throw it away. Well, what's gone is gone :(

More photos of that night...

I have no idea what was he doing! Haha.


Next up, VauntCloset!

Loving how these photos captured the CNY atmosphere. Look at those cute couplets and the lanterns as the background. Just can't wait for CNY to come soon ~

I couldn't stop staring at this photo when I first saw it! :D Amazed at how Clarice could take such nice photos when she is not a professional. Hehe, thanks Clarice for the nice nice photo ^^

I bagged this dress home - Elena Laced Dress in Pink. I have the intention to wear a cheongsum-like dress for CNY this year and now, I've found it! Furthermore, I could still wear it out and not restrict to CNY season only. Hehe happy girl now.

 ♥ Cheryl

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