Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ade's 21st & VauntCloset

This lovely girl of mine just turned 21 three days ago :) She is the happy pill of my clique and she never fail to bring laughters to the clique. She was there for me during my unhappy days and I'm thankful for her presence in my life. Love you Ade! 

Ling & I reached there early and started camwhoring with the bday girl with the nice nice heart shaped balloons. My favourite! 

Time to thank Ade, wish her or say any mushy words to her. Hehe..

Then more camwhoring...

Oh I wrote that "Happy Birthday". Nice right! One of those rare times when I had such nice handwriting. 

Cut cake time!!!

Aww, so sweet!!!



Next up, VauntCloset!

Took a photoshoot with Clarice & Jason at Chinatown last Saturday morning and we all know that it rained the ENTIRE day. Hais! It kinda affected the outdoor shoot as we were restricted to only sheltered areas. But we did our best to bring out the beauty of the clothes on a rainy day :)

Both Clarice & I will be featured in the collection and it should be out by this weekend, so ladies do stay updated at VauntCloset's website. First time modelling with Clarice and it was quite fun. I look forward to more collaborations with Clarice in the future. 

Sneak previews of the Oriental Series :D

Can't wait for the photos! Wonder how would it turn out to be like... :)
Will upload them here once I see them!
So stay tuned!


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