Thursday, 13 December 2012

Fun weekend

Had a great weekend last week. I was out with my beloved friends, my boyfriend and went back for JC dance camp. Non-stop of fun and going out with the wonderful people in my life :)

Friday, 7 December

It started with Friday night. I met up with 2 groups of people. First was my secondary school clique. I didn't meet them for the past 1 month or so and finally, we agreed to meet for dinner at Astons, Changi Airport. Not all went for the dinner, but most of them turned up. Can't wait to see the others in the next meet up!

Then on the same night, after my dinner with secondary school friends, I left them early to meet my JC girlfriends for clubbing at Avalon :) It was my first time there and it is an eye-opener. The place is so nice! It was supposed to be all-girls nights out but somehow, 2 of our boyfriends were there in the club with us and my boyfriend is one of them! Lol, wasn't expecting to see him there except for his friend who got my girlfriends and I the guest list for that night.

But well, he appeared and he was there to surprise me for 7th is our special date of the month. It was our 29th monthsary that day  And I thought he forgot all about it when he didn't talk about it the entire day.

My beloved guy, Eugene 

Photos of the ladies and I :)

Saturday, 8 December

Was lazing at home after I woke up at 1plus in the afternoon, waiting for Eugene to wake up. By the time he woke up, it was time for dinner and he brought me to Nakhon Kitchen at Bedok for dinner. There was already a queue even though we were there pretty early. Luckily, we didn't wait for very long. Prolly about 20 minutes or so? So while waiting, I took photos...

Then it was our turn! The food was so yummy, especially their Tom Yam soup! Love it! But for those that can't take too spicy food, hahaha, you may need to drink lots of water.

After dinner, Eugene brought me to watch "Ah Boys to Men". I'm a little too lag I know but I just didn't have the time to catch it when it was first released in November. November was one of my busiest period in Uni and I only have time to go dating with my projects and books :( Anyway, the movie was funny! Really worth the money.

After the movie, Eugene drove me to our JC (Yeah, we were school mates ^^). It has been so long since I returned to alma mater. Went back for a dance training camp and the main purpose was to catch up with my seniors and other dance mates.

Most of them in the pictures are my seniors except for the guy without spectacles. We are all at least 3 years older than the J1s!!! Oh man, feel damn old now :(

And yes, you see 3 of me! They were playing with this new app (i forgot the name) and they wanted to disturb me for being a model -.- Anyway, I was wearing VauntCloset's Tribal Aztec High Waist Denim Shorts! It is super comfy and easy to match with just a simple tank top like what I had done. It is still available for both S and L sizes :) What's more, VauntCloset is having sales for the festive season now! Prices have been slashed with extra discounts when you purchased at least 2 items from them! Go visit their online store for more details! :)

Sunday, 9 December

No photos on Sunday because I didn't sleep for more than 24 hours. Stayed awake and played card games with the juniors till 9am and then went out with my friend to nearby Mcdonalds for breakfast and continue chatting till 1plus in the afternoon. Went back home and I napped for few hours before heading out to Eugene's house for dinner. And that was about it.


Christmas is coming! Have you girls shopped for it yet? If not, you girls could start shopping with VauntCloset! They have a new series this week and items are selling fast! And I'm going to talk about two dresses that I love from this series of theirs!

I personally like these two dresses.

The first one: Fish Tail Chiffon Dress in Coral/Cobalt Blue/Black
Coral looks so sweet please. This length of this dress is just nice. The fish tail isn't those super long that will reach your ankles. And if you think there is nothing special about this dress except for the fish tail, then you are so wrong! Look at the second picture, and you will understand your back will be exposed a little. Won't expose a lot of your skin. Just enough to be a little naughty *wink* :)

The second piece that I fell in love with is: Crochet Twirlly Dress in Beige/Black
This dress somehow reminds me of a baby doll dress. Looks young, sweet and somewhat refreshing :) I just fell in love with it, especially the prints on the top half of the dress (the prints of the beige dress looks much clearer).

Oh my, the dresses look so pretty on Clarice right! *envy*
Ladies, hurry grab yours before others snatch it away ^^ Be enchanted by their lovely clothes 

♥ Cheryl

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