Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I'm back!

I'm back to blogging, once again. It is definitely not something new to me, but I have been away for so long that I think my skills have gone rusty. Despite that, I decided to start all over again, and tada, my NEW BLOG :)

So for the first post, I shall blog about the online store that I modeled for. It is called VauntCloset. A new online store that was founded by two nice owners, Clarice and Jason. Till date, it has been in the industry for about 4-5 months and they are doing pretty well :)

I joined the family early October this year and had done 3 photoshoots so far. And as a new model, I am still learning on how to improve myself with the poses and all. 

The first photoshoot was called "The Altitude Series" and was divided into 2 parts. Why is it called "The Altitude Series"? Look at the photo below. Is the background familiar to you??? That's right, it's Changi Airport. We did this photoshoot at Changi Airport, T3. That's how Clarice came up with the series name. 

It was my very first time meeting up with Clarice and Jason, and I was so goddamn nervous. But thank god, Clarice was very friendly and she kept talking to me :) I could still remember the incident where a stranger approached us and he wanted to take a photo with me. The both of us stunned. Clarice rejected the man many times but oh well, I took the photo with him in the end. 

The second photoshoot was taken at Fullhouse Cafe at Rendezvous Gallery. It is a lovely place for gathering. Very cosy. Furthermore, they have an area that has many clothes and accessories. It would definitely be a good place for ladies to gather for a meal and shop around. What's more, you can take photos in their cafe, just like how VauntCloset did the photoshoot for "The Vivacious Artist" :)

The third photoshoot, "Escapade", was the last one that I had done for VauntCloset before I disappeared to prepare for my exams which only ended few days ago. We had the photoshoot in Pasir Ris, mainly at the Pasir Ris Park, and it wasn't an easy one, all thanks to the crazily warm weather that day. I could say we were worn out after the shoot and I went home to sleep for few hours although I should be studying. Oops.

So this is my experience with VauntCloset thus far, and I'm loving every photoshoot that I had done. A brand new experience for me 

Before I end off, do support VauntCloset and stay tuned for their weekly collections and like-and-share on Facebook.

♥ Cheryl

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