Saturday, 24 August 2013


I super love this picture  Especially the outfit. What do you think?

Here's another picture that I like :)

It's so amazing to see a different me with a different style portrayed for Riotloco's shoot. I was pretty surprised when I saw the photos on the official website and I was "wow, so I didn't perform badly after all"

I felt really honoured to take up a shoot with Riotloco. It is an online store that has been in the industry for quite some time and after looking through their website and also been at their office, I have to say that their apparels are mostly one-of-a-kind. You can find similar or even same pieces somewhere else, but the chances would be super low. Their apparels mainly depict coolness, sophistication with slight touch of feminism. Very unusual if you were to compare with the popular online stores like Twistpolka, Earl Grey Party etc.

The opportunity to shoot for Riotloco not only gave me a good experience but it has also boost my confidence to try on different styles. Close friends would roughly know my type when comes to clothes. Dresses, sexy or feminine, sweet-looking style. Shorts with tank tops (HAHA i love tank tops because it always make me feel cool under the warm weather) or shirts/blouses. And I would usually go for simple designs most of the time. One good example is the picture below.

You don't hear me talking about pants/jeans as well. They are my last alternatives when comes to matching clothes, unless I know I'm going to stay indoors for most parts of the day. Else, it's a total NO-NO for me. Hence, when I was given the chance to wear like what I wore in the first 2 photos, I felt different. A different look. I guess it's a sign to start matching with pants/jeans now, Cheryl. HAHA.

If you like apparels that give you the artistic feel, do visit Riotloco for more choices.
Official website:

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