Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lamb Label

Happy Thursday!
We are near to the short freedom of the week, so hang on people!

First of all, I've a good piece of news to share with EVERYONE! I'm going to have a mini giveaway on my blog real soon, like in 2-3 days time once I finalized the details. Wondering what's the giveaway is about? Hehe, I shall divulge a clue. It's related to the recent trend, recent and upcoming festivals. Ok, that's all for now. So do stay tuned and come back for more details ~


Moving on...
To kick away all the sian-ness and shag-ness, let me introduce a new online store ^^

Heard of them yet? If you haven't, not to worry, they are pretty new to market btw. If you heard of them, I guess you've seen their pretty dresses in their first collection.

To be exact, they stepped foot in the industry on 25 Aug 2013 (4 days ago) and thus far, I believe they are doing pretty well for a start-up.

Why do I say so? Ytd morning, the owners released an update about one of their popular dresses - Before Sunrise Breakfast Dress Blue (shown below) - and mentioned that it is one of their popular dresses ever since they launched the series. Well, if a dress is so popular and may be OOS soon, I guess we can conclude that Lamb Label is doing well in its own way right?? :)

Whether it's true a not, it's not up to us to conclude and my job here is to show you pretty dresses from Lamb Label. It's not an advertorial btw, so don't need to worry that my heartfelt thoughts are not genuine :D

Overall, the quality of the dress is of good quality, not those cheap and thin chiffon material. I tried on most of the dresses and I personally love the following dresses:

1) Amanda Roadtrip Denim Dress

Denim - I would dare say it's one of our daily essentials, be it in the form of shorts, skirts etc. And therefore, a denim dress like this will never go wrong! I love how this dress fits on me but the only problem is the length of the dress. It's pretty short when I wore it, if it's A LITTLE longer, I may consider getting it :/

2) Sweetheart Naomi Frock

Florals for the summer - loving it. Together with the color combination, it totally caught my attention during the shoot. Hehe, recently I'm so in love with lighter shades :D

3) Kaleidoscope Shift Dress

Bright colors and a less fitting dress. Not to worry, it doesn't make you look like a pregnant lady (I don't like one here, do I). I have to admit I didn't fall in love with this piece as fast as I did for Sweetheart Naomi Frock, but as I wore it for a longer period of time during the shoot, I started to appreciate this piece better. I just feel super comfortable in this dress!

It is a pretty piece that the owners decided to let me wear this for the banner shoot as shown below

Visit Lamb Label for more details and other dresses:


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