Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My first runway

Last Saturday, at Attica ~

Scroll down for videos of my part during the fashion show!

Were you there to support us and Fashion Martini?
I hope you went and had a great time like us :)

I would like to take this chance to thank Karen, the owner of Fashion Martini, for this wonderful experience. It was my first, and I hope it would not be the last haha. But nonetheless, it was indeed a great chance for me to boost my confidence as a runway model. Thank you, Karen! :)

All these would not be possible without my friends and other supporters that helped me win the Facebook contest. Thank you all! During that few days, competition between me and Belle was damn intense. The "likes" process were exactly like what one would experienced in a stock market. HAHA. But really, thanks to my good friends, acquaintances, seniors-juniors and friends of friends that helped me out in the short 1 minute like-and-share process. Without you guys, I wouldn't have the chance to be on the stage! (Hahaha, I sound like I just won an award but hey, it's my sincere thoughts)


Everyone met up at 5pm that day to do rehearsals, make up and hair. That was when I saw the other 4 models excluding Belle. All the pretty ladies. It wasn't hard to mingle with them as they are so friendly please. And silly me, I was still expecting some communication barrier between me and the girls haha.

So we had few rounds of rehearsals and just the rehearsals enough were nerve-wrecking! Probably because it was cold at Attica, Belle and I were shivering like mad!

After the rehearsals, it was time for make up and hair styling! While waiting for our turn, I took a picture with one of the girls - Shijia :)

Just after we ended the full dress rehearsal, we did an instavideo for Fashion Martini :D

Cute right! We were simply giggling away non-stop.

After that, we went to the photobooth before the crowd came in, but sadly due to the bad lighting, the pictures look so dark :(

With pretty Francesca! She is so nice and friendly!

The 3 of us are in the same team for the night, showcasing clothes of the same theme.

With Fashion Martini's in-house model, Ethel

An hour plus before the show, the models had to be in a room and we couldn't leave unnecessarily. So we camwhored...

More of Francesca...


Sze Han aka Sun

Fellow winner, Belle


Then, took this group photo after the show, with our last set of clothes.

Yes, we changed to another set in between and I was bloody kanchiong because there was no time to rest. Adrenaline rush ttm.

So as promised, here are the videos of my part, taken by my beloved friends 

First set

Second set

Finale ~

Gosh, looking at these videos, I realized I walked a little too fast hahahhaha. Actually, most of us did the same mistake - walked too fast. Well, blame the music haha! Ahhh, I feel I could have done better but good enough for a first timer right? If there are more opportunities, I would know what to improve on :)

Lastly, I would want to thank all these wonderful people ~

They came all the way down to support me during that 30 mins and had supper with me after that. Aww, thank you so much my darlings :)

And to my beloved Eug, thank you for encouraging me to take on this opportunity to boost my modeling portfolio. Thank you so much :)

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