Friday, 30 August 2013

First giveaway


As promised, today's post will be about the mini giveaway that I mentioned in my previous post. Have you managed to guess what it will be about???

Something related to recent and upcoming festivals... What's on recently? Ghost Festival! And what's coming next? Halloween! Even the movie "The Conjuring" is so popular during this period too. And therefore I should join in the fun, isn't it???

I'm giving away 2 FREE TICKETS to the event Cursed Studio organized by Chat Chat Media.

Here's a short introduction:

During a normal day broadcast at the Radio studio, 2 DJs experience a light trip at 7.30am which later realize they are in deep trouble. The studio was cursed at the following time and was told that none will survive the horrified events. Later during the day, 2 Radio DJs were reported murdered and 1 were missing and never be found. Your task is to enter the cursed studio office and find the document to proof that these horrified activities had occurred and escape before the dead found you and eat you alive.

Your first step in the most horrified haunted house that you will remember for life!
Once you enter, there will be no turning back. Are you prepared?

And this is the event layout:

- Not the usual haunted house walk
- A task will be given to accomplish otherwise you will be locked inside (WHATTTT)
- Each team will have a maximum of 3 people.
- Mission is to get the document proof and escape or to be eaten alive (T.T)
- A brand new high horror level. Not suitable for kids below 13 years old. 

Dates to unseal the mystery:
19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31 October 2013

So, if you are always a fan of horror and love solving crime, this is SPECIALLY TAILORED for you. All you need to do is to email me the following to and you can stand a chance to win a pair of free tickets!

Heading of the email: Cursed Studio 2013
(so that I won't miss anyone's email)

a) Your name and age
b) Tell me who you are bringing along and why. [Eg, I can take the chance to hug someone that I've a crush on etc ^^]
c) A short summary of the horror activities that you tried before.

The most interesting email will win the pair of free tickets.
Contest will end by 20 September 2013, 1159

**Take note**
Children aged 13-15 years old are advised to be accompanied by guardians/adults of 18 years old and above and this contest is ONLY for Singapore residents.


If you are wondering if I will be going and give a review after my trip there, well I guess I have to disappoint many of you. I won't be going. I'm never a fan of horror and creepy things although this year I was a little unusual as I had watched one or two comedy+horror films. Perhaps, the winner could do me the favour and give me a summary of their experience :D

All the best in the contest, peeps!

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