Saturday, 27 April 2013

Spring Bloom

Summer season ~
Are you adapting well to the crazy weather in Singapore now?
Hot burning sun, followed with huge downpour?
I bet the unpredictable weather drives most of us crazy.

Despite the crazy weather, life goes on.
We still have to go to school/work, go on dates...
There's nothing we can do about the weather :(
But we can take on preventive measures like having an umbrella or cardigan in your bag.
Oh and not to forget, water bottle to dehydrate yourself and perhaps wet tissue to keep your body cool.

If SG has 4 seasons, I would love to get rid of the Summer season and go for Spring.
Just like how VauntCloset is welcoming the Spring season of the year with their Spring Bloom series.

Once again, I'm featured in their series.
And I'm glad that I did up to their expectations for this series :)
Oh not to mention, weather was terrible that day and we tried to avoid staying outdoors with that scorching sun as much as possible.

Because of the terrible weather these few days, I chose this dress:
Goldilocks Frock (Black)

Why I choose this dress:
Simple, but not too plain because of the golden stud-like design along the sleeves.
Easy to match and suitable for casual look. What's more, black dress will never go wrong :)
Most importantly, it is comfortable to wear and lightweight.
It's so suitable for SG's weather!
Put on a belt like what I've worn in the picture, a pair of long earrings and you are ready for a date or girls' outing!

Wanna go for more classy look?
Then you can go for this BEBE Inspired Dress that comes in White, Black and Red.

A body-con dress that goes well for a corporate or classy-casual look.
Match this with a pair of heels and earrings and you would look fabulous!
Or for a corporate look, you can simply match this with a blazer.

Do remember to visit VauntCloset for more details and do look out for their upcoming series!

Just a side note, I will not be updating this space here till my finals are over, which means 7 May.
Hopefully by then, I'm not damn exhausted to visit this space here.
Till then, do pray that I will do well for my finals ^^