Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Food, food and more food

Who doesn't like food right? :) As we grow older, we learn to appreciate good quality food and would go on a food-hunt for good food around Singapore and often, overseas, just like how ladyironchef does.

I'm definitely not a foodie (at least for now) but this post will consist of short reviews of the places I've went in March...

Let's start with a bad review, alright?
I like to keep the best till the last hehe.

Shabu Sushi
Heard of Shabu Sushi that is located at Serangoon Nex?
It caters Japanese steamboat and sushi buffet.
Sounds good huh? Platters of sushi and free flow of steamboat food for big-eaters (not me).
But let me tell you, this place isn't as wonderful as what you perceive it to be...
And I would choose to be at somewhere else, like any steamboat restaurants in Bugis than at this particular one.
But because my boyfriend bought this groupon coupon and thus, we went to try it.

When we first stepped into the place, the staff would take their own sweet time to serve us when it's just simple guidance to a table. They do not even need to take any orders from us and there were like only less than 10 customers, with so many staff then, but there were just taking their own sweet time. 

Food didn't look appetizing. Sushi choices were little. Of course, I didn't expect sashimi etc from them but they could do much better than that. As for steamboat, it is a MIRACLE if you see meat or seafood on the belt. 90% of the time, I see fish balls, meat balls or flour-related food. Soup contains A LOT of MSG too. 

Service sucks. Staff were making a lot of noises and talking out loud. Yes, it is alright to talk when they were less busy but well, at least not so loud? My bf and I could hear every single word they said, especially when they were gossiping about customers that they served earlier on. Tsk tsk, making a fool out of themselves. One of the female staff has ultra bad attitude as well. While we were there, something went wrong with the food-belt near my table and plates of food were just dropping off from the belt. I informed that female staff about the incident and at the same time, tried to 'save' those food from dropping. Instead of thanking me for my help, she sort of accused me for being the cause of the faulty food-belt. Like wth? Accusing people without any concrete evidence.

Overall, my experience there sucks and if you google online (which I regret not doing that before I visited the place), you would see many bad reviews about them.

Now with GOOD reviews :)

Wimbly Lu
Desserts, one of the must-have-food in whatever course you are having, has became real popular in the recent years.
And Wimbly Lu is one good place for desserts and chocolate-lovers like me! :)

I went there twice and I'm amazed with their range of desserts. Some are really unique like the Root Beer Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (picture below)

If you follow me on Instagram, you would see these dessert pictures before.
Tried 4 different desserts on 2 different days with 2 different group of people :)
Pictures are based from my favorite to the least favorite:

Molten Lava Cake
Thick chocolate flowing out from this cake when you pressed on it lightly.
Do be careful not to put it into your mouth immediately.
This dessert is served hot!

Root Beer Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
It really captured the root beer taste! And together with the ice cream, it gives an overall smooth texture :)
But sadly, my bf doesn't like it hahaha.

I have a love-hate relationship with Tiramisu though.
The texture is just nice and you can't stop eating it once you had your first scoop.
It's simply addictive but the combination of alcohol and cocoa makes me feel sick after that.
Maybe it's just me haha.

Iced Chocolate Drink
Neh, I won't recommend this. Somehow it tastes weird.
Diluted? I don't know.
Definitely not within my expectation.

It is located within the premises of the landed properties at Jalan Riang, near Serangoon/Lorong Chuan.
Go try if you are a chocolate-lover like me :)
They have waffles and other cake desserts that I've yet to try them.
But if they are really nice, you can also let me know so that next time I would know what new desserts to try out from them!

Izakaya Nijumaru
Another Japanese restaurant but with good reviews this time round.
It is located at Cuppage Plaza.

They offered delicious food but one bad thing about the store is the menu is filled with Japanese words and I couldn't understand anything :/
My friends used Google translation but of course, the fastest way is to ask their staff.
I wonder why they don't print menu with a more commonly used language in SG instead.

Other than that, it's really worth going! It's not too expensive too. The Katsu Curry Rice costs $10 only and it is pretty filling for a girl. Okay, maybe it's just me.

After dinner, we don't just say goodbye to our friends right?
We would go somewhere else to chill, chit-chat, gossip etc.
And this was where I went after that yummy Japanese meal shown in the picture above ^

Five Tapas Bar @ Cuppage Terrace
Love their open area where you could enjoy their live band, watch soccer while drinking wine, beer or any other alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks. Hahaha.

The end of my food adventure in March.
Till then,


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