Monday, 11 March 2013

End of mid-terms

Finally, mid-terms had came to an end on Saturday afternoon!
Not the end of my "nightmares", but at least one third is gone :)

Celebrated the last day of stressful, lack-of-sleep mid-term week with my friends and of course, my boyfriend :)
Finally got to meet up with my friends after not being able to meet them for weeks due to mugging.
Joined them after dinner and we headed to the Harry's bar @ Tampines Grande.
Never know that this bar existed in Tampines until last night ~ 

Look at who are the 酒鬼 among the girls ~ 

His eyes are exceptionally small here due to his phone's flash.


Despite busily mugging for tests, I did not forget about the special date of the month.
We went for lunch before my paper.
Yes, I had a paper that day. Sucks.
Thank god, Eug has already ORD and he could fetch me to school else I won't even have the time for lunch.

We went to....

After my paper, I went to eug's house for dinner and his cute niece was there! She is damn cute but naughty too. Stick to her mum like superglue lol.

These photos were not taken on that night but 1-2 nights before.
Eug was teaching her how to say 'please' and 'thank you' then.
And that's one of her best friends that she was holding on - Barney.


During the recess week (study break), Eug was sweet enough to motivate me with these treats:

Yummy right? Esp the macarons! People with a sweet tooth can NEVER reject the temptation of macarons. Thinking of it now makes me drool.

As you can see, my recess week + mid-terms week wasn't as boring like a typical mugger right? Hehe.
Alrighty, time for bed...
Tmr is back to reality - schooooooollll :(

Till then,
♥ Cheryl

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