Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Officially 21

*Birthday dress is from Twistpolka. I got this dress pretty last minute and I've to give credit to the efficiency of the owner of the Twistpolka! Got another pair of heels from them too and I totally love it. Shall wear them out soon :) Once again, thank you Twistpolka*

A day after my actual birthday and 4 days after my party, I still find myself living in the blissful moments of being a 21 year old. The well wishes and presence of my guests and many other friends, together with the presents I've received, made me feel so loved by everyone. 

Last Saturday, I held my 21st party at one of the bungalows near Pasir Ris Park. It was a pretty and huge place.

But getting that place wasn't an easy task. I almost had to cancel the party or change the venue just 3 days before the party due to stupid miscommunications. In short, people, please learn that before both sides come to a common conclusion, state ALL the terms and conditions that had been mentioned before. Even if it's an informal agreement with a friend, you still have to do that. It's the same logic where you have to abide to the contract where the terms have been written down clearly and not change or add new terms after you signed the contract right?? And don't assume. We have brains and mouths, can't we just ask instead of assuming?

Other than that major hiccup, other things went almost perfectly fine. Family members and friends came down to celebrate with me, and I managed to catch up with a few friends that I've not been meeting up with for years. So glad to know they are still willing to make the trip down for me :)

I was so busy that day that I don't even have time to eat and also, I forgot to remind my bf to collect my cake. Luckily we were still on time for the collection phew. I don't know what caused me to be so busy. I just went around taking photos, playing with my baby cousins, talking to friends and relatives.

 One of besties is currently in HK for her internship and so she couldn't make it for my bday. We skyped her and looked how happy we were ~ My eyes were watery in the first photo but no, I didn't cry (hehe, miss her so much)

Uploaded only a few photos here. Wanted to upload more but I think I will just upload the entire album if I don't control myself LOL.


Then the actual day yesterday, I had a simple day out to buy a house for Eug's new hamster. He insists on getting another hamster for himself after seeing how much fun I had with Hammy. After that, he joined me with a dinner with my family.

Then I went home to open my presents, and OMG, I was SUPER surprised with my presents.

No one asked me for my wish list personally but even if they do, I also don't have many things that I would like to buy at the moment. And I let my closest clique to get me a wallet of any brand. People who KNOWS ME WELL would know I'm not a branded girl. I can wear or carry any brand (or even without it) so long as the item is of somewhat good quality and I feel good wearing/carrying it.

To see my friends and relatives giving me these presents makes me feel loved, adored, cherished and cared for. It's not how expensive the gift is that makes me judge how much the other party loves me, but the efforts and the thought of the other party that surprises me more than anything else. Thank you all  I will cherish all the gifts given with good care!

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  1. may i know where you got your head band from? thanks