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So have you figured out where I went for my getaway?
If you managed to figure it out, then give yourself a pat on the shoulder :D
If not, it's alright because the title of this post tells you everything:


It was a 3 days 2 nights trip, not too long and not too short.
We were able to cover everything that we wished to do.
From strawberry farm to amusement park to dim sum. 
But we do face a little problem over there.
Not the weather, but financial issue.
Hahaha, we underestimated our spending but luckily we were all prepared with extra cash.

We cabbed down to Golden Mile and headed towards Malaysia on the tour bus. The bus offered a comfortable ride with spacious seats and ample space. It was so different from the bus rides I had 5 years ago when I first visited Genting where it was cramp with seats position fixed. Time flies when I watched close to 2 movies and took a nap for 1 hour before each movie. It would be an enjoyable ride to Genting if not for the delay of 1 hour at our first pitstop and all passengers were deprived of air-conditioning. We bought ice cream in replace for the heat there.

If you have followed me on Instagram, you would have seen this picture just before I reached the customs. I looked nerdy here right? My friends always say I looked like a teacher with spectacles on hahaha.

My lunch at the first pitstop - Not very nice though and there were many persistent houseflies.
Damn irritating.

Reached our hotel and we went to wash up, put on contact lens and light makeup for myself :)


And off we went to Strawberry farm via cable car...
It was a long cable car ride but camwhoring and chatting made time flies fast.

Welcome to the Strawberry farm!
It's free entry and you can pluck your own strawberries and bring them back home/hotel :)

Next, the Lavender farm which is situated above the strawberry farm.
And up there, we saw beautiful and big roses that we have never seen in SG so far.

This girl was so crazy about the pretty lavender farm haha!

And the roses that I mentioned...
Aren't they big and pretty?

When we wanted to leave the place and head back for dinner, we could not reach our taxi driver and was "conned" by another taxi driver that was at the same area as us. Tsk. Knowing that we were stranded at that place without any transportation back, he charged us double for the cab fare. Okay la, not very expensive. RM20 traded for a long walking distance plus shared between 4 girls. But the feeling sucks.

So for dinner, we had Western food and it was cheap and most importantly, delicious. It was so good that we went to the same place for dinner on both nights :D This place is called Bubbles and Bites, and it started operating in July 2012. Price wise, it's about half the price we have in SG. Cheap right?

I tried their Aglio Olio which was so-so as it was pretty dry. It was a wrong choice.

What caught my attention was this plate of Squid Ink Pasta. I have never tried Squid Ink Pasta before but according to my friend, this is one of the best Squid Ink Pasta she has ever tasted.

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel rooms and left all our items in the room. Oh, have I mentioned that the 2 rooms that we got had a connecting room which means easier accessiblity to each others' room? :) Damn cool and it saved us time from leaving our rooms and avoiding exposure to the male painters that were painting the other rooms in the hotel.

After which, we headed to Snow World and played bowling.

Snow World was freaking -6°C and for a person who can't take cold environments, I almost died of cold. I was shivering all the way. Played the slide down and I spin at least 2 rounds for that short distance. I wonder if it's because I'm too light or the person that pushed me down exerted too much force. 

Those who followed me on Instagram would see this photo too. It was quick shot by my friend, separated from the glass window. It is so cute and fluffy right? It was a regret that I didn't buy it back :( Now I can't stop thinking about it hais.

Then bowling, in the dark with LED lights.

We ended our day with taking random pictures on our way back, and also a supper/htht in our rooms :)

All of us bought facial masks from SASA, which explains why each of us were holding on to a plastic bag. Girls at their best - vain :D

Supper: Cup noodles (not in the pic) & the sweet strawberries that we plucked earlier :)

My OOTD taken while waiting for the others :D
Look like a strawberry top right??? ^^

We went to have a nice breakfast at The Bakery. Another place to recommend you all :)
The almond croissant was yummy, and I bought one back to SG on the last day of the trip :p
Just can't resist it.
The cakes and other pastries looked yummy and beautiful too!

And this is what we had for breakfast...


It wasn't as big as what I expected it to be. We took less than 2 hours to play all those exciting rides like  flying coaster etc before we headed for lunch. Well, partly because the queue wasn't that long either.

Here are some games that we played:

After lunch, we came back to the amusement park, walked a few rounds and played some games here and there. Sort of exhausted our energy in the first 2 hours. Then we left the amusement park for our hotel rooms.

Freshen up, touch up on the make up, and we started camwhoring with my phone!
Here are some of my fav photos that we took:

Inverted "LOVE"

And with my fav doraemon <3

Dinner time!
So being attracted to the Squid Ink Pasta the night before, I ordered it and I have to say it was soooooo nice. For readers who are going to Genting for holidays, I would recommend you to this restaurant and do try their Squid Ink Pasta :D

This time round, we ordered this dessert as well: Bread and Butter Pudding.
Yum yum.

And also a photo of us at the restaurant

Our night activity was a trip to Ripleys.
It showcased various artifacts and several astonishing facts that we may never encountered in our whole life.

The girls figuring how to open the gate...

And ade solved it! Smart!

A cathedral made of matchsticks and this cathedral is a real landmark somewhere in the world, provided it's not demolished yet.

Vampire toolbox in 1800s (I think)

A car with bronze coins attached to its body.

Distortion mirrors

We went to Starbucks to slack and to tap on to their wifi.
Finally we can connect to our civilized world :p
Ended off the night with htht again, reminiscing the past.

Wearing a tanktop, something light to handle SG's weather.
Wanted to wear shorts but I will be the odd one out, so decided not to wear it.

What we had for breakfast: Dimsum
Totally worth going for its food and price!

On the way back from breakfast, we came across a weighing and height machine.
So the 4 of us played it and OMG, I lost weight and became taller.
I don't know if it's true but I was happy hehehehe :)

We did last minute shopping and then, time to leave Genting highlands...
Aww had a good time there.
Will go back there soon, maybe with my bf and I must buy the fluffy snowman toy!

So, home sweet home :)


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