Tuesday, 2 April 2013

1000th day

A post dedicated to my beloved boy on our 1000th day 
We didn't celebrate it because he is currently in Taiwan with his army friends.
And this is also the reason why I'm a little more free for myself for the next 10 days :p

I still remember those times before we got together.
How your smile charmed me.
How I got embarrassed easily just by talking to you etc.
And oh, how we could have missed each other without the help of our mutual friends.

We got so comfortable with each other over the past 32 months, close to 33 months (this coming 7 april) and had our fair share of arguments. Close friends around us would know the crisis that our relationship was, or is, facing. Many times, we wanted to just give up and end all sufferings. But thank God, we didn't and have decided to overcome this obstacle together. It wouldn't be an easy one, we know. But with the determination and love we have for each other, I believe our relationship will be much stronger. 

So, my love, thank you for not giving up on us and together, we have reached the 1000th day mark. I know I've mentioned this before but I just want to reiterate once again:
I'm glad that you appeared in my life 


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