Friday, 4 October 2013

Mother Nature

I've always been a sucker for Mother Nature. Whenever I'm upset, the first few places that I think of will be somewhat related to Nature, like the sea etc. It just makes me feel calm. Very therapeutic. I even set future goals for myself to explore places that have beautiful nature views when I'm older. 

So when I was asked to shoot with Matte White Photography, I requested to have Nature as my background and not the usual white indoor background. Of course, SG has limited places to fulfill my request and it stumbled the photographer, Anson, a little. Plus, due to limited time, we have to make do with the background seen above for we hope to capture the last few glimpses of the sunset rays. Not the best and good-looking background but I have my fair share of experience with Mother Nature, with all the cuts from the grass and ants crawling around :/

Besides having my Nature request fulfilled, I've learnt new things through this shoot. Anson was nice and patient as he guided me through various poses and as well as the facial expressions. Also, the makeup artist, Mu En, she beautify me with her skills and have given valuable opinions to improve myself as well. Overall, it's a good experience to shoot with these nice people. I'm so glad that I was able to shoot with them :)

Matte White Photography has a physical studio for indoor shoots as well. If you are interested, do visit them at:


Few more nice pictures taken by Anson :)

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